Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A bit of everything from the Philippines

This is the last post for my last trip to the Philippines, and I will just put a bit of everything... things that were surprising for me or just interesting.

This is a typical Filipino dinner. Most of the dishes have Spanish names (adobo, escabeche, torta...) and the most famous beer is San Miguel!!

Basketball is the national sport and many people play basketball in the middle of the street at any time! This was a common image everywhere!

This is what rice looks like before it goes into the bags we buy in the supermarket! ;)

This is a very common main of transportation: the tricycle. It is basically a motorbike which has had a metal box with two rear wheels soldered to it.

And this was a gas station in Banaue... The measurement unit is the bottle of Coke!

When we came back to Manila, this was the state of our bus at the departure time... We had to trust those guys' work: the ride would take 10 hours and it would not be nice to get stranded!

Luxurious Manila is really luxurious, it looks like any other developed country.

If you buy a soft drink in a street stand and you want to leave, they pour your drink into a plastic bag. Interesting!

This is the number one means of transportation: the jeepney. When the American troops left the country after WWII, they left behind many Jeeps. Locals took them and modified them to become something close to buses. They have the destination written on the side. If you wanna ride them, you just flag them down, tell the driver where you go and pay a ridiculous price for the ride. When you get to your destination, you just shout "Para!!" and jump out of the jeepney.

There are many poor people in Manila and they live near the rivers. I saw this kid trying to recover something useful from the garbage coming downstream in a river...

... and this is probably where he came from: some shanty towns next to a nice area in Manila. Definitely, a city of great contrasts.

Rice is the main food staple and there are many varieties. Looks like too many!!

This is the last work by José Rizal before he was executed. I put it here in original language, Spanish.

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