Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Redwood National Park

Redwood National and State Parks are located in Northern California, at the coast, next to the border with Oregon. These parks have also been protected by UNESCO as World Heritage. The park is a huge forest and the largest concentration of giant red wood trees in the world. And the really nice thing is these trees are next to the sea! you can actually hike to the sea between giant trees!

The size of these trees is impressive. One type of red wood trees present in the park is the sequoia. The other main type is thinner but of the same height. The next photos try to show the real size of these giants.

Another peculiarity of this park, as opposed to Sequoia National Park, is that the ground is covered with many plants and trees are covered in moss and lichens. This makes the trees look mysterious...

The fauna is also quite varied. Many birds live in the park. However, the most interesting animal in my opinion is the elk:

This is a giant sequoia which is one of the largest trees in the park.

The park has many nice drives. One of the best is the Coastal Drive. When I did it, the sea was covered in fog, so it was very difficult to see it. It was a pity, because we missed some of the highlights of the park: the views from the coast. Anyway, the view was really cool and again mysterious.

In spite of the fog, I could still enjoy some nice views from some of the beaches. The rocks coming out of the sea in the mist, the wreckage trees on the beach, the forest getting to the sea... beautiful!

At night, I slept in a campground next to a lake connected to the sea. (Can I call that a lake??). Before dusk, the fog came from the sea and also covered the lake. It was quite impressive!!

This part of California is really superb! If you ever have the opportunity to go there, GO!!

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