Saturday, July 11, 2009


I just picked up my copy of this month's IEEE's Spectrum magazine and found this ad in the back cover of the magazine. IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers for those of you who do not know. The most famous professional association in the field.

My point is I was really surprised to see that the main catchy sentence was in Japanese... The translation is: "Do you speak MATLAB?" I doubt the average EE guy can understand it. Is it for Japanese people? But again, the magazine is published for all over the world and in English. Any way, it was nice to see that in Japanese!!


Rikel said...

Todos sabemos que LA PREGUNTA siempre ha sido "¿te sabes MATLAB?"

Alvaro said...

Jeje... esa es buena... mitica! Sigues viendolo todos los dias??

Keisuke Shimizu said...


Is it a kind of computer language?
I doubt the average Japanese guy can understand it.
(Maybe Okada-kun does)

Alvaro said...

ひさしぶり 清水くん!
元気? はい、MATLABは数学のソフトです。 電気工学には、MATLABが一番べんりなソフトです。 ;)

今からよむ! 日本語でですけど、頑張ります!!

S said...


Nacho said...

I think it's just an analogy which doesn't work for you, as you can read Japanese... but for most of the people, Japanese is a very complicated language, and Japan an example of advanced techniques. With this, they just say, "you can communicate with this technologically advanced society by using this wonderful tool, which will make you be also advanced".

But, of course, if you can speak with them in Japanese is not fun anymore. ;)