Friday, July 31, 2009

Kodachrome Basin SP

After leaving Bryce Canyon NP, I briefly went to Red Rock Canyon, a place I had missed the day before when I was driving at night. It really looks red...

After that brief detour, I continued traveling West and stopped at Kodachrome Basin State Park. The name is kind of funny... When the first National Geographic photographers went there to "capture" this place, they were amazed for the colorful setting they found. They agreed it was a perfect place for some nice photography and said that place could well be named after their film: Kodachrome film. That idea stayed around people's minds and when it became a State Park, it was named after the legendary film by Kodak.

From far away, the place is composed of striped mountains typical in this part of Utah. Quite impressive if you have never seen this kind of mountains ;)

The first highlight I visited in the park was "Chimney Rock", a nice standing rock in the middle of the desert.

Then I went for an interesting hike amongst huge rock boulders which reminded me of Joshua Tree NP in California. Of course, these were their red rock version ;)

The trail led to a small arch in these red rocks. Nice at that time, nothing after visiting other national parks later on on my trip!

After that hike, I went for another one. The most interesting part of my visit to this state park. The trail was called Angels' Palace and it was really nice. The trail goes up onto a butte and the views are impressive from up there. Plus all the possible scenery you can see in the West. Some photos to prove the several miles hike is well-worth.

In short, a surprisingly beautiful State Park next to Bryce Canyon NP.

NOTE: listening to Dead Kennedys and Los Kung-fu Monkeys while writing this post

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