Friday, July 31, 2009

Bryce Canyon NP

The first night, I slept at Bryce Canyon NP, just one hour from Cedar Breaks NM. I had read in many places that the sunrise is the best point of this park, so I made the effort and woke up when it was still dark.

The sunrise itself was pretty beautiful...

... but the effect of the changing light on the structures of Bryce Amphitheater were simply amazing. Such a beautiful place!

A close-up at the strange structures that compose Bryce Canyon: the hoodoos. They are called hoodoos because they resembled voodoo dolls to the first explorers, and they thought these pinnacles were bad luck carriers...

A different part of the canyon. Same structures.

Part of the park was burnt at the beginning of July!! and that fire affected the road that connects the first amphitheaters to the rest of the park (a natural bridge, more amphitheaters...). So, it was just closed to visitors! Quite a pity... but nothing that could be done.

On my way out of Bryce Canyon, I stopped at another beautiful viewpoint just outside of the park:

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