Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Channel Islands National Park

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to the Channel Islands NP, several islands just off the coast near Ventura/Santa Barbara, just one hour away from Pasadena. I mean one hour from Pasadena to the boat that takes you to the islands! I chose to go to the smallest one, Anacapa.

This is the view of the island when you approach it by ship. It has several natural arches coming out of the sea, and a lighthouse which makes the photo better! ;)

This is Anacapa! There we go!

The first thing you notice is the amount of birds everywhere. Actually the point of this island is it is a natural sanctuary for gulls breeding. There are literally thousands of sea gulls! There are also pelicans.

This is a complete panorama of what the first part of the island looks like (click on it and open it in a different window to see it properly...):

Another amazing place in the island. There were sea lions in the cove by the sea... I will show them to you later or tomorrow.

A short hike of around half an hour brings you to the most amazing point in the Channel Islands: Inspiration point.

The view of the three islets that compose Anacapa is quite amazing. A really beautiful view.

On my way back, I really enjoyed the contrast in colors: red/green on the ground, and different kinds of blue in the horizon.

Another look onto the cliffs of the island. Anacapa is all cliffs... it does not have direct access to the sea!

And finally, the lighthouse. One of the landmarks of the island.

Later/tomorrow, I will talk about the wild life in Anacapa and on the way there.

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